5 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler in Las Vegas

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Preschoolers don’t stop learning when school is out for the summer. A great way to ensure that they retain all they learned during the school year is with summer enrichment . Following is a list of five summer enrichment ideas for your young child. These ideas and activities can be done at home in your backyard. These ideas are great for children with or without disabilities. Children vary in individual abilities, disposition, and learning styles. Due to genetics and environmental factors, developing children will hit physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional milestones at their own pace. It’s important to vary enrichment activities. Include physical activities like running. Add some cognitive activities like looking at age-appropriate books to prepare them for the upcoming academic year.

Cognitive Development

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Outside activities are fun

  1. The beginning step in learning to read is to identify letter shapes. A great way to study this as part of summer enrichment activities is to give your child a small tray with some sand in it and ask him to trace letter shapes with his finger. This activity originates from Montessori teaching methods. This activity can be done using various materials in place of the sand. Read about the 11 habits you can do to help your child love books from Reader’s Digest.
  2. Another cognitive activity inspired by Marie Montessori is growing a garden. The Montessori methods base age-appropriate activities and teaching opportunities on real-world activities, like planting and maintaining a garden. Read more about this teaching method from the American Montessori Society. Let your preschool student plant seeds in an egg carton to start seedlings. They can transfer the seedlings to a bigger planter or right into the garden.

Socio-emotional Development

The preschool years are an important time for your child to begin developing a strong sense of self that will lead them into the school years. The Nevada Department of Education also provides guidelines and standards that successful preschool programs and activities should meet to benefit the children. Take a look at the Nevada Pre-K Standards and Early Education Guidelines before planning summer enrichment activities for your child.


  1. One of the goals of summer camp for young children is to help preschoolers develop a positive sense of self. Making things with their hands and being praised for their finished product accomplishes this goal. Give your children fine motor abilities stringing beads of different shapes, colors, sizes, and texture to make necklaces or doorknob hangers.


  1. Your preschooler loves to play with different materials and doing science experiments. Help them make volcanoes in the sand. Make a small, 5-inch, sand hill with a well in the center, or bury a 16-oz empty water bottle like the example in the link. Add 3, tablespoons of baking soda in the well and a few drops of dish soap to 12 ounces of warm water. Help your child pour in about a cup of vinegar and watch the fun erupt.

Motor Skills Development

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Physical activity is great for summer

Summer enrichment programs and activities should include fine motor and gross motor skill development. This category of physical development can be used in the summer through preschool enrichment and summer enrichment programs. There are many activities that kids can do with their hands. Other activities involve large muscle movement like running, jumping, and throwing that are fun and educational.

  1. Summer enrichment programs aim to provide preschool students with as many opportunities to move around as possible. What can be more fun in the Nevada summer than water play? Add a twist to traditional water balloon fights by incorporating it into a relay race. Kids can race to a bin with water balloons then throw them at a target. This may be a more fun option because the water from the water balloons will splash on the kid or into another bucket before they are able to continue the relay race.

Enrolling your child in summer enrichment for your preschooler in Las Vegas is a great way to keep them active and learning throughout the summer break. It can ensure that they get off to a good start when school begins. Summer camp in Las Vegas combines standards for cognitive, socio-emotional, and motor skills development. This will keep your child learning while having fun. Reserve their spot in a Las Vegas summer enrichment program today.

Seven Reasons Why Your Child Should be in a Preschool Program

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Some parents are wary of sending their child to a preschool program. Some think the child is too young even at three or four to leave home for an extended time. There are even parents who aren’t ready to let their child go just yet. But research has shown that a preschool program is beneficial for the majority of children. Here are seven reasons why.

1. Kindergarten

A good preschool program prepares a child to go to kindergarten. A lot of kindergarten classes focus on preparing young children to succeed in the higher grades. The less rigorous preschool program activities and the child’s learning to interact with a group of children and other adults besides parents makes the transition to kindergarten a bit easier.

2. Building Social Ties

North Las Vegas Preschool Program A three year old child is old enough to build social and emotional bonds with people outside of their family. This includes their preschool program teacher and their classmates. A good preschool teacher understands the stages of a child’s social development and nurtures them. At the same time, the child’s parents are folded into this network of teachers, school friends and maybe even the parents of school friends.

3. Structure

Though a person who simply walks into a preschool program one morning might think they’re seeing a lot of colorful chaos, they aren’t. A good preschool environment is quite structured. The children learn the rules of play and other types of interaction, and the teacher is calm and in control.

4. Options

Children learn that they have options, even if it comes down to which color finger-paint to choose to create a picture. A good preschool teacher is always on the look-out for that one child who seems to not know what to do with themselves and will gently guide that child to a choice of activities.

5. Agency

In a preschool program, children learn how to operate as part of a goal-oriented group. Even a very young child can clean up when preschool program activities are done, feed the class pet or make sure the plants are watered. They take responsibility for themselves. They learn to wash their hands, put their things away and even exercise their natural empathy by helping another child who seems confused or doesn’t quite understand the rules of a certain activity.

6. Curiosity

The purpose of the preschool should be to encourage and satisfy a little child’s curiosity and fierce desire to learn about the world. Even the smallest discovery can be an occasion for teaching.

To that end, a good preschool should have a nice selection of costumes and properties, perhaps including corners of the room set up with a child-sized kitchen or a child-sized mom n’ pop store where children can take the roles of cook, customer, cashier and other people.

7. Language and Thinking

Being in a good preschool program encourages a child’s acquisition of language and their ability to think. The teacher engages the child in conversation, gently challenges them to try new ways of thinking and expands their already expanding vocabulary by seasoning their conversation with new words. This does not have to be very formal and can be done during playtime or snack time or even before nap time. Preschool is the place to sing, listen to stories and act them out.

The trick for the preschool teacher is to not try to explain things in ways that are beyond the child’s understanding. It is good to remember that little children rely on magical thinking more than adults do.

Difference Between Before North Las Vegas Child Care and Preschool?

Preschool program activities A child care program such as North Las Vegas day care is where children are looked after while their parents are at work or school. Unlike before school, a North Las Vegas daycare center is opened on holidays and during the summer and accepts a wider age range of children. But day care and before school care can overlap in that they often require the same accreditation and are similar in cost.

What to Look for in Preschool

Like everything else that’s important, choosing the right preschool program requires some research. Some of these programs are part of North Las Vegas child care programs. Parents should get recommendations for a good preschool from other parents and take into consideration the location of the preschool and its schedule. Is it a morning program? Is it two or three times a week? The school should be state-licensed, and the best are accredited by NAEYC, or the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

After a list of schools has been gathered and whittled down, the schools under consideration should be called. The parent should ask about their fees, if any, how old the child has to be before they’re admitted and the syllabus. Parents should meet with the school’s director and observe a class. This is the best way to determine which preschool is right for their child.

Kindergarten Readiness Programs

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Your precious little one has been soaking up a lot of knowledge since birth. And a lot of this knowledge isn’t taught in schools. For example, something as seemingly simple as learning to crawl and then taking those first steps requires a tremendous amount of biological development, growth and cognitive skill.

By the time a child turns three, they are talking and interacting with the world and others in a way that will have profound effects on their later life. For you as the parent, at around this age you may begin thinking about the  day that they start their first day of kindergarten. But you may have some concerns about kindergarten readiness. Is your child ready for kindergarten? Below we will examine some of the kindergarten readiness indicators.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness programs are important for your child’s future.

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

The question can cause many parents anxiety, especially if this is their first child to go kindergarten. But there are both social and cognitive benchmarks that indicate kindergarten readiness that can help. Socially, your child should have the ability to play and interact with other children in an appropriate way, an awareness of sharing and taking turns, handling toys and other materials properly and putting them in their proper place. Other behavior indicators include an understanding of basic safety and asking for help when it is needed.

Cognitive and intellectual indicators of kindergarten readiness include the ability to sustain engagement with an activity and a genuine interest in learning. The ability to follow along with the words of a song, form complete sentences most of the time, and has little difficulty with simple puzzles.

For a detailed list of readiness indicators, check out this great kindergarten readiness checklist. It will help you track and document your child’s progress towards that first day of school!

Kindergarten Readiness Programs

Kindergarten Readiness programs are a great way to ensure that any gaps in our child’s readiness are filled.

Kindergarten Readiness

Come join the kindergarten readiness programs at Watch Me Grow Las Vegas.

Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten. Preschool programs have been shown to give kids the social and intellectual skills they need to have a successful kindergarten experience.

Choosing a preschool is not an easy task and it is important that you ensure that you are enrolling your little scholar in a quality preschool experience. Make sure you consider the things that indicate a quality kindergarten readiness program. Click here to learn more about how to choose a quality preschool or childcare focused on kindergarten readiness.

Kindergarten Readiness at Watch Me Grow North Las Vegas

At Watch Me Grow North Las Vegas, we are committed to proving your child with the quality kindergarten readiness programs they deserve. Our NECPA accredited programs, facilities and staff ensures that all the aspects of your child’s care live up to a rigorous set of standards. The caring and nurturing staff at Watch Me Grow North Las Vegas will work to help your child prepare for the challenges and excitement of kindergarten learning. Come check out our awesome kindergarten-readiness programs and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Here for Your Child. Here for Your Family.

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The Summer Parenting Challenge
by Brandie Heiseler, Director

For most children, just the word “summer” conjures up freedom and adventure. For months most kids have been counting the days until the summer break. The school year is ended, the possibilities are endless, and happiness is just around the corner! Or not.

A few days into summer causes many kids to miss socializing with their school friends and, with nothing particularly interesting planned, they realize they’re bored and this just might be the Worst. Summer. Ever. – and it’s their parents’ fault! What is sure to follow is mutually-assured misery.

But wait! It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little listening and planning you can keep your child busy and entertained during school breaks and they’ll love you for it.

Where to Start

Children thrive with structure, not a plan for every moment, just an overall framework or schedule of activities, even down time. As the mother of a 9-year old daughter and a 5-year old son, I know filling up a child’s calendar with constant interesting things to do is difficult, especially for those who work. Here’s where partnering with your child development center can be a big help, even if your child is only enrolled part time or on specific days.

Let me describe the approach we take at Watch Me Grow to designing a rewarding summer for our students. What’s special about summers at Watch Me Grow is our very successful Summer Camp program for children age 6 to 12 years old.

Safety First and Always

For young children changing environments presents a need to go over the rules and routines that keep them safe. It also calls for parents at home and teachers at school to review their environments for hazards and reconsider the rules and restrictions that keep the child from harm.

At Watch Me Grow, we refresh our safety training and emergency plans for the staff and we review and improve our policies and procedures. We also spend time with each child familiarizing them with the rules and how to be safe in our environment. We even spend some time talking about being respectful to teachers and fellow students to facilitate their social growth and minimize conflict.

Special Summer Activities at Watch Me Grow

Variety is the spice of life for children, too. We offer a variety of activities to keep the kids engaged and active. We set the stage for them to explore new things and be creative. We teach them games to play with their new friends and various arts and crafts. We get many new students during the summer and we make getting to know and interacting with other children part of the summer fun and social development.

Watch Me Grow Offers Field Trips, Too!

One of the best and most exciting learning opportunities for any child is visiting new places to do new things. That’s why we include, on average, four field trips a week for our summer camp participants. We provide transportation in our own vans along with breakfast, lunch and snacks in the cost of the camp.

Field trips start with a refresher on the various safety rules with the children in a big group meeting. Safety is even a bigger concern when we’re out in the community and leave our very controlled environment at the Center. After the first few field trips we prepare one of the students to give the safety briefing because the kids seem to listen better and take more ownership for following the rules.

What do we do? Of course, the staff knows many of the great attractions and play spots in the North Las Vegas area, but we ask the kids what they’ve done with their parents that was fun and places they’d like to go. They often suggest a visit to a pool to cool off or a trip to a park to play in the kids area. We add to that our local museum, roller-skating, bowling, and other safe and fun attractions/community partners.

Flexible Scheduling and Sign Ups

The Summer Camp here at Watch Me Grow Child Development Center is set up to include our five-day a week kids and our drop ins. Let us help fill your child’s summer with engaging, entertaining and educational experiences. Talk to us about our Summer Camp schedule and sign up in person or on our website for the experiences you want for your child, and we’ll do the rest to make your summer and your child’s vacation from school a memorable experience!

This article brought to you by the professional childcare staff of the Watch Me Grow Child Development Center of North Las Vegas. www.watchmegrowlv.com, (702) 675-8460, 4095 West Craig Road North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Watch Me Grow Spring Break Week 2014

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Watch Me Grow has an active, amazing, and fun filled Spring Break Week planned for your child! Click on the link to see!

See you there!!