5 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler in Las Vegas

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Preschoolers don’t stop learning when school is out for the summer. A great way to ensure that they retain all they learned during the school year is with summer enrichment . Following is a list of five summer enrichment ideas for your young child. These ideas and activities can be done at home in your backyard. These ideas are great for children with or without disabilities. Children vary in individual abilities, disposition, and learning styles. Due to genetics and environmental factors, developing children will hit physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional milestones at their own pace. It’s important to vary enrichment activities. Include physical activities like running. Add some cognitive activities like looking at age-appropriate books to prepare them for the upcoming academic year.

Cognitive Development

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Outside activities are fun

  1. The beginning step in learning to read is to identify letter shapes. A great way to study this as part of summer enrichment activities is to give your child a small tray with some sand in it and ask him to trace letter shapes with his finger. This activity originates from Montessori teaching methods. This activity can be done using various materials in place of the sand. Read about the 11 habits you can do to help your child love books from Reader’s Digest.
  2. Another cognitive activity inspired by Marie Montessori is growing a garden. The Montessori methods base age-appropriate activities and teaching opportunities on real-world activities, like planting and maintaining a garden. Read more about this teaching method from the American Montessori Society. Let your preschool student plant seeds in an egg carton to start seedlings. They can transfer the seedlings to a bigger planter or right into the garden.

Socio-emotional Development

The preschool years are an important time for your child to begin developing a strong sense of self that will lead them into the school years. The Nevada Department of Education also provides guidelines and standards that successful preschool programs and activities should meet to benefit the children. Take a look at the Nevada Pre-K Standards and Early Education Guidelines before planning summer enrichment activities for your child.


  1. One of the goals of summer camp for young children is to help preschoolers develop a positive sense of self. Making things with their hands and being praised for their finished product accomplishes this goal. Give your children fine motor abilities stringing beads of different shapes, colors, sizes, and texture to make necklaces or doorknob hangers.


  1. Your preschooler loves to play with different materials and doing science experiments. Help them make volcanoes in the sand. Make a small, 5-inch, sand hill with a well in the center, or bury a 16-oz empty water bottle like the example in the link. Add 3, tablespoons of baking soda in the well and a few drops of dish soap to 12 ounces of warm water. Help your child pour in about a cup of vinegar and watch the fun erupt.

Motor Skills Development

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Physical activity is great for summer

Summer enrichment programs and activities should include fine motor and gross motor skill development. This category of physical development can be used in the summer through preschool enrichment and summer enrichment programs. There are many activities that kids can do with their hands. Other activities involve large muscle movement like running, jumping, and throwing that are fun and educational.

  1. Summer enrichment programs aim to provide preschool students with as many opportunities to move around as possible. What can be more fun in the Nevada summer than water play? Add a twist to traditional water balloon fights by incorporating it into a relay race. Kids can race to a bin with water balloons then throw them at a target. This may be a more fun option because the water from the water balloons will splash on the kid or into another bucket before they are able to continue the relay race.

Enrolling your child in summer enrichment for your preschooler in Las Vegas is a great way to keep them active and learning throughout the summer break. It can ensure that they get off to a good start when school begins. Summer camp in Las Vegas combines standards for cognitive, socio-emotional, and motor skills development. This will keep your child learning while having fun. Reserve their spot in a Las Vegas summer enrichment program today.

Nine Qualities of a Great Summer Camp

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When you are looking at North Las Vegas child care options, summer camp may not be at the top of your list. However, camp is an excellent way to provide your child with a fun, safe learning experience during the warm summer months. If the thought of coming up with arts and crafts activities for your child to do or running all over town to try new activities overwhelms you, camp may be a great option for your preschool age child.

Summer camp statistics show that more than 6,000 children attend summer camp in the United States each summer. There are many benefits of summer camp that range from academic and social to lifelong fitness.

1. Social Experiences

Summer Camp Statistics

Kids meet and have fun together

One of the biggest benefits of summer camp for preschool children is the social interaction they have with one another. Through these interactions, preschool children learn skills necessary for teamwork, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Our children today need opportunities for free and unstructured play in a safe environment. This will build the social skills they need to be successful adults. These experiences can also increase your preschool child’s self esteem.


2. Fine Motor Skills and Large Motor Skills

Another important benefit of camp for preschool children is improvement in fine motor and large motor development. Whether it is learning to hold a pair of safety scissors or understanding how to kick the ball in the goal during a game of soccer, your preschool child will continue to develop into a blossoming adolescent.

3. Academic Success

The importance of summer camp for academic success cannot be overstated. The “summer slide” that occurs between May and August accounts for most of the loss of learning from one grade level to the next. Choosing a camp that has an academic component in addition to games and exercise will ensure that your child starts school in the fall ready to succeed.

4. Physical Fitness

Children do not get as much exercise at home as they need to be considered physically active. Enrolling your child in camp ensures that they will have all the exercise they need through both free play and organized games and sports. Establishing physical fitness routines in early childhood can help promote lifelong physical fitness and prevent childhood obesity.

5. Structure

Your preschool child is used to a certain routine and camp can help them stay on that routine. This will ensure that your child stays on a consistent sleep and eating schedule. We know that young children on a routine experience more stable moods, which makes everyone at home much happier.

6. Less Screen Time

Our children today are always plugged into something. Televisions, tablets, and video games prevent our children from exercising their minds and bodies. Sending your child to a quality camp will allow them to take a break from the screens and use their creativity in a whole new way.

7. Have new experiences

Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer Camp give kids new experiences

Most camps provide field trips either off campus or in-house that provide children with new and amazing experiences from engaging with insects to roller skating. Many of these experiences are not something you may do on a regular basis. Your child is sure to have all sorts of new adventures to talk about with you over dinner each evening.



8. Independence

Camp provides preschool children with the opportunity to learn and do things for themselves which increases their sense of independence and self confidence. In addition, persevering at these tasks during camp will teach them that persistence pays off when they face challenging situations later in life

9. It’s fun!

Probably the most important reason to send your child to camp this summer is that it is fun! You won’t have to hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored”, from your child because their days will be filled with endless hours of fun and exciting activities with their new friends. Your child will wake up excited to see what the day has in store!

As you search for a North Las Vegas child care center, remember to keep in mind summer camp options for your child. The benefits of summer camp are so numerous that it has become an essential part of quality child care. During your search, make sure to check out your provider’s certification and accreditation, and ask about additional safety features they provide. Then prepare to give your child an amazing experience they will never forget

Summer Field Trip Calendar

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Summer Camp – Spring Break

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What’s Great for You and Your Child in the Summer? Summer Camp!

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