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 Watch Me Grow has the right program for your child!

Keeping your children in their appropriate age groups is a necessity. The goals of our curriculum are age specific to ensure that your children are enthusiastic, self-confident and independent with their learning experiences. Our curriculum respects individual learning styles and ever changing interests.

Child Care Programs in North Las Vegas Nevada

Our First Impressions Program helps your baby develop!

First Impressions Program–1-18 months

The key to our First Impressions program is all about immersion and stimulating hands-on play.  First Impressions is for our babies as young as 6 weeks old to 18 months.   CLICK HERE to learn more about our Infant Program.

Young Explorers Program–18-36 months

“Always on the move and excited to explore the world around them” is the motto of our Young Explorers program.  Young Explorers is the name of the program designed for our 18 to 36 month toddlers.   CLICK HERE to learn more about our Toddler Program.

North Las Vegas Nevada Child Care Programs

Our Great Minds Program encourages learning!

Great Minds Program–3-5 years

“Great Minds, Growing Up” sets the stage for the Great Minds program.

This educational standards based program introduces Preschool Curriculum to our preschoolers ages 3 to 5, starting with a standards based Preschool Curriculum, which is divided into weekly units.   CLICK HERE to learn more about our Preschool Program.

Before n’ After School Program–6-12

Watch Me Grow has created the Before n’ After School Program.  We welcome children from ages 6 to 12 to a safe and fun environment they can call home.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Before ‘n After School Program.

Summer Camp Program

You and your child will want to check out all the amazing activities happening during Summer Camp! CLICK HERE to learn more about our eciting Summer Camp program — and check out the Calendar!

Voyager — Transit Program

Introducing the Voyager Program.  Voyager is a transit program designed to ensure your little one arrives on time for school or that they have a ride back to Watch Me Grow after a long day at school.   CLICK HERE to learn more about our Transit Program.

To learn more about all of our amazing Programs,
please visit our Contact Us page, or call (702) 646-4386 TODAY to schedule a tour!

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