Are you looking for a way to get your child away from the screen this summer? In search of some “me” time without the kids? Watch Me Grow Summer Camp is here to help! Our North Las Vegas summer camp for kids ages 5 to 12 offers tons of fun for your little one throughout the summer. Children can attend our summer camp on a daily ($45 per day) or weekly ($190 per week) basis, so your kiddos can spend as much or as little time at our daycare center on our fun field trips as they want!

With so many summer camps in the Las Vegas area, why choose Watch Me Grow? In this blog post, we share four reasons why Watch Me Grow Summer Camp offers 5- through 12-year-olds the best summer camp experience around!

Field Trips
While children love the many amenities we offer here at our North Las Vegas daycare facility, they actually won’t be spending too much time with them during their Watch Me Grow summer camp experience. That’s because we take our campers on fun, action-packed field trips four days a week so that they can experience all that North Las Vegas has to offer! Our field trips include skating, laser tag, bowling, swimming, movies, and so much more.

Meals And Snacks
We know that mornings can be hectic when you have little ones to take care of, which is why we provide a full, nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch for campers every day. Say goodbye to having to scramble for something to feed your kids and let our camp counselors take care of the burden for you with wholesome, yummy meals that your children will love. Swimming, arts and crafts, and all the other fun, educational activities that we offer at our summer camp can leave kiddos feeling ravenous, which is why we always have delicious and nutritious snacks on hand.

Social Skills
While summertime provides your children with a freedom to explore their own interests that the school year simply can’t offer, it does not, however, have many opportunities for socialization. Whereas during the year your child spends every day with their peers, during the summer it’s easy for children to isolate and even succumb to loneliness when they spend their days in the house or before a screen. Summer camp allows your child to make new friends and practice their social skills beyond the confines of the school year through fun group activities that require them to use their communication and cooperation skills.

Flexible Scheduling
Unlike other summer camps in Las Vegas, we don’t require that parents sign their children up to attend camp for the whole summer. Rather, you can enroll your kids in our summer camp program on a weekly or even daily basis. Perhaps you have special events throughout the summer that you planned ahead of time, and don’t want to pay for camp on those days, or you only need someone to watch your kids for one or two days a week. Watch Me Grow has got you covered! You can even check out our summer camp schedule to see when certain field trips/activities are taking place and book camp dates according to which days interest your children.

With Watch Me Grow Summer Camp, you can stop stressing about how to keep your kid active and entertained in the summer and start enjoying some free time with the peace of mind that your little one is in expert hands. Contact us today to get started!

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